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963 Coffee Fundraiser
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let the gathering begin...

So here we are...roughly a week out from when courts are "scheduled" to open back up. I will say that I remember last year that courts did not open the week they planned to open so I'm not holding my breath and am trying to prepare and guard my heart in case that is the case this year. However, courts should be opening soon!! So in preparation of our first trip over to see our girl we have begun preparing to travel. I have gone to get 3 out of our 5 recommended travel vaccinations. I was only going to get 3 thinking that we were going to be staying in Addis. However we are now hoping we have the chance to travel 2 hours outside of the capital city to see our sponsor child through Children's Hopechest at Trees of Glory care point. We would love to get outside the city and see the country side and be able to hug our little boy that we sponsor in person and pray with him. So that means a few more vaccinations just to be on the safe side. If you are thinking about or could be persuaded to let go of $34 a month to help feed, clothe, and provide school for a precious child of God in Ethiopia then I would encourage you to go here or visit this blog here! We can't wait to hug on and play with some very lovely little kiddos.

One other part of preparing to travel will hopefully involve your help! We are hoping to fill as many suitcases as we can manage with donations for the various places we will be visiting in Ethiopia. This will largely include our agency's transition homes where they care for the children they have brought in from surrounding orphanages to match with their forever families. We also hope to travel to the Trees of Glory care point to meet our little boy and the other 85 children that meet here for food, clothing, basic needs, and schooling. We would love to gather little trinkets (matchbox cars, pencils, stickers, chap stick, neosporin, bars of soap, etc.) to fill bags to take when we go visit. There is a long list of donations needed so in hopes of making a bigger impact we were thinking we would highlight 5-8 things off of the list and concentrate on those needs when we travel. Those would be...

1. boys/girls underwear sizes 2T-8 years.
2. neosporin
3. A+D diaper rash ointment
4. Children's Benadryl and Infant/Children's Tylenol
5. Children's vitamins (Tri-vi-sol, Poly-vi-sol, chewable multi-vitamins ages 2-9)
6. non scented wipes
7. scrubs (women's sizes 6-10)
8. Baby bouncer seats, 2 bumbo seats, baby activity seats (we're hoping to take one or two of each hoping to find the slimmest ones in boxes packed up)

We'll also be throwing in baby toys (not cotton as it is hard to keep clean) that will fill in "blank" spots in our bags for the baby room.

We'd love your help in gathering these items. Also, if you'd like to help but live out of town you can make a monetary donation through our "donation" paypal link or mail us a check with "supply donation" and we'll use it to help buy needed supplies!

I have to say this is my favorite part...that we get to show up with all of these supplies!! What a blessing we get to be! Thank you abundantly in advance for helping fill our suitcases!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Talk about a giveaway!

This family is holding the "mother" of all fundraising giveaways! Check it out...and if you win I'd love to steal the Ethiopian flag blanket from you for steering you their way! And maybe a t-shirt or 2...or maybe the snack bags! I love me some good snack bags!! So let's just say I want to win it all...feel free to enter your name as "Autumn Chambers" or something like that...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Your joy is mine...


by shane barnard

holy design
this place in time
that i might seek and find my God
my God

Lord i want to yearn for You
i want to burn with passion
over You and only You
Lord i want to yearn

Your joy is mine
yet why am i fine
with all my singing and bringing grain
in light of Him

oh You give life and breath
through Him You give all things
in Him we live and move
that's why i sing

acts 17:25-28, hebrews 12:28-29

Shane and Shane have been playing on repeat around here lately and one of their songs that I adore getting lost in and worshiping with is Yearn (lyrics above). One of the lines from the song that just captures my heart is "Your joy is mine..." OH how I love that line...hear it and just sit in it. I know so often my joy is dependent on so many OTHER things or rather my lack of joy. But if we truly believe that HE gives life and breath and that through HIM He gives ALL things then what can possibly steal our joy?

I know courts are about to open again and with that comes anxiousness across the board for those waiting on a court date to be scheduled. I have sat here and gone through past trends and recent information and worried and played with dates in my head over and over and then I hear God tell me to rest...just rest. Let it go and give it to Him. He knows the exact dates we will get to see our child and the exact day that we will get to bring her home and if it's not how we planned, if it's sooner or later or MUCH later than we planned, then it is still His PERFECT timing. She is loved...by us, her nannies, our extended family, but more importantly by God and that is enough. So, I will rest and choose peace and will find my joy in Him...even in the waiting. We love...because He first loved us.

Love to you all...