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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We're home!!!

We're home and doing well! We got home Saturday afternoon after a 16 hour plane ride from Dubai. Zadie did beautifully on the plane ride and slept almost 13 hours of the flight off and on. She has a pretty severe head cold and that combined with a fever and motrin made her quite sleepy. We took her to the doctor yesterday morning to make sure there wasn't anything else going on and the doctor said she looks good...no ear infections, no tonsilitis, no pnemonia...just a cold so no antibiotics! YAY! She's been sleeping quite a bit and I'm thinking it's her coping mechanism as her entire world just got turned upside down. She is quite entertained by her brothers as well as quite overwhelmed by them. The last few days have been a little rough as we are learning what our new "normal" looks like but today was 100% better! We got out of the house together as the boys had preschool today and then Zadie and I went to my dentist appointment together while Gigi held Zadie and introduced her to Gigi's office friends. She was very content hanging out. We then ran errands while Zadie slept and then enjoyed the park this afternoon with the boys and some friends. Zadie wakes up at night and ends up eating about an ounce or two of formula before going back to bed...so she's up for 5 minutes at a time. Not bad for someone who is suffering from jet lag and has been used to a totally different time zone. We're growing in many ways and are just so grateful to be on this side of our journey and realize that a whole new journey is beginning! I'll blog later about our trip (which was incredible). We haven't had phone, internet, or TV since we've been home because of some problems with our phone lines so I'm happy to able to update the blog again! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support...we truly felt every single one and have learned such an incredible lesson about the power of and importance of prayer and our faith in our heavenly father. I'll post some pictures soon...Josh took some great ones!


Joanna said...

We are so glad you guys are home safe and you finally have your baby girl. Continuing to pray for you all and can't wait to meet her.

Hill Country Happenings said...

What an amazing journey! So proud of you and happy for you! Anxious to see pics of the 3 kiddos together

Lindsay Garrett said...

Can't wait to meet Zadie Saturday. I wish I could of met her by now but we landed ourselves a tip to TCH! So glad you are home and can start this new life together.

Lindsey said...

Autumn, what a joy it is to read about yours. This post makes me smile ear to ear! But I also recognize the difficulty in juggling 2 kids while learning another one and bonding to her amidst her adjustments to a new world around her.

I'm just so glad you are where you are and she is where she is. Just exactly where you should be. Together!

Be gentle with yourself during the transition, and enjoy that new mama love!