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963 Coffee Fundraiser
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The big ONE!!

She turned ONE!!! My sweet little baby girl is officially 1 year old! She has been a true joy in our lives these last 3 months. We are busy...oh, so busy just being a family of 5! 3 kids is a serious handful most days but we're doing great and having fun! Zadie is very quirky...she is very happy, very flexible, and very content. She sleeps great, eats EVERYTHING we feed her, and is crawling up a storm. She pulls up on anything she can get a good hold on and babbles ALL DAY like crazy! She is a true social butterfly...when we run errands she EXPECTS attention from all others. She does this little scrunchy face thing that cracks me up every time...I look at her or call her name and she looks over and gives this huge, cheesy, scrunchy nose smile until I smile back the same way and then she just laughs. TROUBLE! She's trouble! The boys adore her and she loves being entertained by them. I'm telling you...we did not expect it to be this easy or this rewarding this early! LOVE THESE KIDS and we are blessed to call them our children! Since I've taken so long to update the blog, I'll include some pictures of Zadie's past weekend birthday celebration. We had a great, relaxed time celebrating with friends. A big thank you to our friend Liz Tomany who created all the decorations!!

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh my goodness! She is adorable! I love the sweet decorations you used too. My little man just turned one in February. His climbing may put me over the edge. :)