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963 Coffee Fundraiser
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

And we're off...

WOW...what a crazy 24 hours! We decided late Thursday night that we would prepare to travel on Friday morning and then RIGHT before we HAD to leave for the airport we would contact our travel coordinator with our agency to decide if we should cancel or not. We decided if we heard good news that we would go (obviously) and no news or bad news we would wait until this coming week to travel. We looked up ticket prices and they had not gone up any...even leaving the next day. Also, we were going to have sign a waiver saying that if we took custody of Zadie then we might have to stay for 12 weeks if the Embassy decided to do a full investigation. Well, we just couldn't commit to that and I hated to go and not be able to HAVE her full time! So...we were told there was no news from the Embassy and were strongly encouraged to wait to travel until we were cleared. So with very heavy hearts we canceled our flights. And to be honest I just couldn't figure out what the right thing to do was...my "direct line" was experiencing interference!! I was praying my heart out and not getting anything back...still processing that one...still learning from all of this. I feel like I got up to the diving board and wouldn't jump. But I prayed and asked for direction and was at peace with the decision to wait. We knew we would enjoy our trip better if we went without all the dread of not knowing when we would return hanging over our heads. We packed up our bags, 2 kids, 1 dog and headed back home from my parents' house. 10 minutes later we got the call. YOU'RE CLEARED BY THE EMBASSY TO TRAVEL and you can interview any day next week! TURN THE CAR AROUND! After some highway speeding and a little drama we decided we were not going to make our canceled flight. Our boys are being real troopers to endure all the drama and stress of this trip and we ask for prayer for their little hearts as we can tell they're going through a journey of their own. We rebooked tickets and are on a flight today leaving this morning getting to Ethiopia and Monday morning after stopping overnight in Dubai. We appreciate any and all of your prayers and will be updating our blog during out trip! We're almost there Zadie! And we're almost done with our 18 month adoption journey!! God is good all the time and is FAITHFUL always!

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